Below is a tentative and by far incomplete list of researchers whose work is relevant to mine or I find it really interesting.

Alan S. Willsky Michael I. Jordan Martin J. Wainwright
Stephen P. Boyd Pablo A. Parrilo Venkat Chandrasekaran
Andreas Krause Carlos Guestrin Jeff A. Bilmes
Alexander Ihler Yee Whye Teh David M. Blei
Andrew Gelman Radford M. Neal David J. MacKay
Tommi S. Jaakkola Kevin P. Murphy Zoubin Ghahramani
Christopher M. Bishop Andrew Ng Dmitry Malioutov

Lastly, I attach a list of my most favorite poets in case someone cares to keep busy his/her right side of brain a little bit.

Constantine Cavafy Kostas Karyotakis Miguel Piñero Charles Bukowski Pablo Neruda
An amazing collection of Constantine Cavafy’s poems A few poems by Kostas Karyotakis A thorough collection of Miguel Piñero’s poems The complete work of Charles Bukowski A complete collection of Pablo Neruda's work